Julie Matthews MATTERS

Are you kidding?  What?  WHO??? Why?  Really???


On Monday July 24, 2017, Danny was asked to join

ROGER DALTRY at a Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital Fundraiser to play PINBALL WIZARD and BEHIND BLUE EYES.   It was awesome to see just the two of them together jamming to THE WHO.   To see the video, go to the DANNY POWERS PAGE on Facebook.....WOW!!


The Roger Daltry team (includes Pete Townsend) asks for your support by checking out their WHO CARES organization and helping RB&C build a unit for the emotional and psychological care of teens with cancer. 


That is WHY he was here.......the two songs (with Danny) was a BONUS treat for the 250+ donors that attended. Roger and Pete (WHO CARES) donated $100,000.00 to get the ball rolling for Rainbow.  (very generous). 


Danny Powers backstage at Blossom Music Center presents TOMMY with The Cleveland Orchestra July 2018