The PopTarts on RECORD: A Toasty Christmas - Tasty Tunes - Greatest Hits Of The 60's
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Hey  Boys and Girls!  

Get ready to Twist, Jerk and Swim! 

Shine up your peace signs, slip on your go-go boots

and head on back to the 60's 

for some groovy retro entertainment featuring....




Toasty warm and READY to serve!   You'll LOVE 'em! 


In retro 60's fashion, movement and perfect harmony,

The PopTarts perform a decade of top hit favorites from 

the best of the 60’s girl groups and female pop singers. 


Visually....A BLAST (from the past)!!!


With a 100 song set list 

The PopTarts are available for 

Private Parties * Business Establishments * Corporate Functions

Bars * Restaurants * Night Clubs



216-258-4884 /


  “we may be cheap, but we’re not trampy!” 


Luscious Lemon Julie Matthews

Wild Blueberry La Farrell

Very Cherry Laurie Angie

Sweet Apple Lisa Sommer 


Keep The PopTarts in mind for ALL Holidays.  

In October, for example,  we offer some very FUN songs for the Halloween season...spooky favorites done retro 60’s girl group style! 

Late November thru New Years we perform an entire set of Winter Holiday favorites done 60’s girl group style.  It’s a holiday blast from the past!!!  



The PopTarts are ultra cool and loads of fun!  They are 4 groovy chicks who sing exclusively the most popular hits from the 60's girl groups.   Dressed in matching 60's outfits, they use the original artists movements, and sing to original sounding tracks using a very sophisticated BOSE system, AudioTechnica mics and Mackie mixer that give perfect balance and top quality sound.  Their crowd pleasing favorites sound JUST LIKE THE RECORD!!   With a growing fan base and loyal following, their retro look and sound are an addictive blast from the past,  sure to delight audiences of all ages!   


Consider a “Retro 60’s Night” or a regular “Girls Night Out” with The PopTarts.   Offer PopTart flavored Cocktails in 4 delicious flavors: Luscious Lemon Shots, Cheery Cherry Cosmos, Wild Blueberry Mojitos,  Sweet Apple Martinis. 


The PopTarts offer excellent promotion for their performances.  Your booking will be listed on their Website and Facebook Events Page so our friends, fans and following will be there!


The PopTarts are currently booking thru 2022/23....please call at your earliest convenience to book a date ;)