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This is JOSHUA>>>>>>>OUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! 


Hello Pop Tarts!
Just want you all to know what a special memory you have given to me and
my entire family!  I'm sending you a video, (I hope it opens ok) from Lynnelle's
70th birthday party last summer.  I have several pictures and video's from the evening, as we all LOVE the Pop Tarts!  You made the day!!!  Not just your perfect singing/harmony....but you are all so entertaining.  You bring the room
together.  Every time I look back at these pictures/videos I am so grateful to
you for being there... I just wanted to pass that on to you.  You have given
this Grandma a priceless gift, as you will see in the attached video....of
your smallest fan, Ella,  who to this day adores you all!  She sings your songs and dances all over the house to them!  Who would have thought 50+ years
ago that someday my granddaughter would be so in love with the music from my era!!!  It's because of  "The Pop Tarts"!!!  Priceless!!!  Thank you so much!
And thank you for making my sister's day so very special! 
God bless,
Cherie Lane
Just wanted to say another 'thank you' for a great show in Hudson tonight! The Pop Tarts nailed each song. Hope to see you guys in the Cleveland area and will definitely check out the Christmas show. It sounds great and thanks for the heads up! I wish you guys would release a DVD! Best Wishes.....and keep the music playing!
John Marshall
Stow, Ohio
PS.....love both your CD's!




Gidget LOVES




She had a tail

waggin' good time...


Check out her Fashion Statement!!!

Here is Lynelle and Val in their new homemade PopTart t-shirts waiting in a rain storm for The PopTarts to perform in downtown Willoughby.  Sorry we got cancelled, but The PopTarts just can't get their hair wet...c'mom!!!!


    Thought you would like this pic of the group at Brecksville town center during the summer.  I have seen you group many times, big fan of your performances.  You have found the secret of local bands.. Not just playing great music,  but entertainment.   I tried to analyze why your harmonies sound so great.  In my opinion it's because each of your voices are distinctively different but never off key . Never easy singing multi part harmonies perfectly in tune.   Lisa - Slight smokey pleasing voice.  Laurie - Strong Clear, Good Range, Laura - Rich overtones with slight twang in upper register,  Julie - Strong, complex overtones and deep vibrato when applicable.   Its the combinations of these vocal qualities that I hear that make the harmonies sound great.   Fantastic job on Toasty Chrismas.  All the songs are terrific.  Whoever did the mixing of the background vocals did a fabulous job in giving them that dreamy sound, perfect for Chrismas.  Can hardly wait for the next CD!!  
Jim Kovacik




Hi Julie, Lauria, Lisa and Laura,


It was so great to meet all of you this past summer and to see you perform.  You 

are really so talented and so entertaining.  




I listened to your Christmas CD in the car and it was a surreal experience 

because we had an unusual heat wave so I was singing along to your joyful 

holiday music during 100 degree temperatures!    That didn't in any way prevent 

me from loving every single song.  I remember that you wrote most of these 

songs, which makes it all the more impressive.


Thanks so much for sending it to me. Much Success 


Andre (Caroll)  "Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard"





PopTarts: Loved your show, everyone took turns on leads, harmonies are great! I wish you much success. You have awesome talent and good looking too.  Carl




I just wanted to let you all know that I bought your Christmas CD when I was at the I-X Center for the Craft Show.  I do not think it has been out of my car's CD player since I got it. Love love love it.  My favorite track is the Cleveland Christmas song.  Brings back such great memories


Thanks for the memories


Marianne Wilhelm




Hey ladies ~ I’ve only seen you perform one time but it was enough; I’m hooked!  My new aspiration in life is, one day, to grow up and be a Poptart.  Not everybody on the planet knows every word to Leslie Gore tunes, you know.  Your act is the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in a long, long time…. Which shows you how pitiful my existence is!! Hah!  J


So ~ the word around Bainbridge, Ohio is that the Cowboy restaurant where you were to perform tonight is closed due to a continued power outage.   Is that true??  I am devastatingly disappointed (or disappointed devastating ~ could go either way).  If that’s the case, I’ll just have to keep an eye on your schedule for another opportunity to see you out here on the east side.  If anybody sees this in the next few hours, “ding” me back to confirm please.  Thanks ~ Jeannie




Maggie wants to make sure you don't catch Santa (track 13) because then you'll go on the naughty list!!



Another great show last night at the Eastland Inn, not an empty chair for most of the evening.  Julie-Your new 'do surprised me.  I had to think a long time to figure out the proper term for a woman with black hair, then it came to me this morning ... Mistress! (as in mistress of the dark).  Are you considering changing your moniker from Luscious to Wicked Lemon?  I don't know if there has ever been a Blackberry or Poppyseed Poptart (probably not a good choice with random drug testing).   Laurie's "Son of a Preacher Man" was right on and Laura's "Blue Christmas" really brought back memories.  It made me think of Christmas of 1957, when Elvis got his draft notice.  I didn't really understand what the draft was then, I thought it was what they did to guys who wore their hair too long and made the girls screem and cry.  I might have been right, since I tried to avoid those misteps and 14 years later I didn't get a greeting card from the President.  Tell Lisa I missed her "Lover's Concerto", and to watch out for Laurie, there may be a hula hoop duel brewing. John




You were all GREAT last night!!! -Rich Spina




Saw them last night and I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Never saw them before but love them now.




Hi Ladies - met you at the Richfield Taverne last week. I am Andrea Carroll's stepsister. She will be in town August 24-26 this year - I'd love to bring her to a singing engagement.  Rebecca




We saw you perform and really enjoyed ourselves. Told some of our friends and plan to see you again at Richfield Tavern. Alan




Hi Julie,  I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show and CD.  I just wish it could have been a DVD because your show is such a visual experience!  Too bad Becky's doesn't have a dance floor, because you girls can really get the crowd going!  You even impress my cousin Michael, and he can be a real stick in the mud.   We would have stayed to the end, but he couldn't handle the ginger ale and he conked out.  He still can't understand why his girlfriend dumped him.  I couldn't understand why she stayed with him for seven years, must have been a foot fetish since he is a podiatrist.  Thanks again for a great evening!  John, the short guy with the glasses at the corner of the bar.




Hey groovy poptarts caught you last night a SEARED in Brecksville. I had Salmon. It was pretty good. So were you. Look forward to seeing you there next month. I think I'll get the steak.  What do you think? Tom 




Lisa: I saw you get UP on a table at Playmakers to hula hoop. I am bringing a group of girls on March 29th to see you girls again, you are all so fabulous, and what memories the music brings back!  But Lisa, PLEASE table top hula again. Kimmy.




PopTarts: It was a great show! I am very happy that I was there to see the show! :-) Great songs, great singers, great evening! Thanks! Gale




Wonderful way to start my friday You all looked wonderful Sounded Great And made it hard for me to leave home And go to work...SANDY (You Don't Own Me)




Everyone looks and sounds great. Congratulations!!!  Reggie




Julie: you guys looked great & were awesome to watch...Marla




Okay, this was too cool. Playmakers in Garfield Hts. has GHHS graduates meeting to see The PopTarts the last Thursday of every month.  The music and the familiar faces takes me back to school.  What a blast. The January gathering had like 60 alumni garfield-ers....I think I saw a cheerleader, or was she a majorette? Anyway...fun, fun fun.  Toni



Here is MY tip for the trash. Keep your day jobs.  



Thanks for swingin’ with us

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